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Still throwing your wet toothbrush into a plastic bag right before you head out the door? You know it’s gross, but old habits die hard. 

If your ready to up your toothbrush game, here are the latest travel options, from simple, germ-free covers to Bluetooth-enabled power brushes. Get one for your next trip. And, if you’re wearing or considering Invisalign, toothbrushing becomes something you’re doing all day long. Keep one in your bag or at the office to freshen up after your latte.

Check out the best travel toothbrushes to add to your packing list and get that just-cleaned at the dentist feeling even in a tiny airplane bathroom!

Similar to a life coaching app or virtual yoga, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean helps you learn better brushing habits while keeping up with your active, on-the-go lifestyle. This rechargeable electric power toothbrush pairs with the innovative Sonicare app, which offers personalized coaching to help you get not only a better brush, but improve your overall oral health.

Included with the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean kit is a rechargeable handle that has three intensity modes, plus you’ll also get three different brush heads. Each of these different brush heads offers a distinct type of clean, including whitening, deep clean and gum health settings. It also comes with a charger cup that can double as a water cup for rinsing.

Because all of these toothbrush parts fit securely in the included travel case, you can easily keep up with your good dental health habits anywhere in the world.

For a fraction of the price of other similar electric toothbrushes, the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush offers many of the same desirable features. While brushing, you can choose between three different modes of cleaning, such as whitening, polishing and one that massages your gums to improve oral health. It also comes with a staggering 8 replacement brush heads! If you swap out your brush head every 4 months, this set will last you about 2.5 years. Now that’s planning ahead!

Another feature we love as travelers is the long-lasting power of this toothbrush. Because the AquaSonic can last up to 30 days on a single charge, you can leave your charger at home!

It’s also helpful that everything you’ll need for a daily deep clean fits into its handy travel case. It’ll save your toothbrush from getting dirty in your luggage and includes space for an extra brush head just in case.

With our busy lifestyles, it can be easy to rush through brushing or forget to brush at least two times per day. The Oral-B Pro Smartseries pairs up with your smartphone through Bluetooth technology to send you brushing recommendations, reminders and it kicks in with a 2-minute timer whenever you start brushing. You can even track your performance over time.

The Oral-B 5000 Smartseries toothbrush is also rechargeable and includes five different brushing modes to choose from. It has a visual pressure sensor that lights up red if you start pushing too hard. The entire kit also packs up into a travel case making it easy to toss in your luggage, toiletry bag or purse.

hum by Colgate is a rechargeable electric toothbrush with “Smart” Bluetooth connectivity to help guide you through better brushing. hum tracks your brushing through your smartphone and sends you recommendations based on the spots you might have missed or not spent enough time on. It also has a two-minute timer and three different modes of cleaning.

When it’s time to pack your bags, hum by Colgate fits perfectly into its lightweight, matching carrying case. You can even choose your favorite toothbrush from the three fun color options.

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For a straightforward brushing experience, the quip Adult Electric Toothbrush has sonic vibrations but none of the mode options offered by the other electric toothbrushes on our list. The two-minute timer helps you brush the recommended amount of time and the travel cover makes it easy to toss in your purse or carry-on bag.

Slim, discreet and ideal to keep in your purse, the Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush is a top choice for travelers. It’s both battery-powered and waterproof. Plus, it comes with a moisture-releasing vented cap and a travel case.

We love that the matching traveler case has some extra space, so you can use it to hold your lipstick, tampons and other on-the-go bathroom essentials as well.

The Go Plus Sonic Toothbrush by Pop Sonic is a fun option that even kids will enjoy! It comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors and is easy to use with a single button function. Because it is AAA battery powered, you won’t have to remember to recharge your toothbrush at night. Even better yet, it comes with its own slim carry case that makes it super easy for packing.

Forget the TSA 3-ounce rule with the convenient Traveling Panda Mini Bamboo Toothbrush and Toothpaste Tablet Set! This bamboo toothbrush kit comes with everything you’ll need to get a good brush on the road—even the TSA-approved toothpaste tablets are included. Just chew them for 5 seconds and then brush as normal.

In your kit, you’ll receive two eco-friendly, manual toothbrushes that contain charcoal-infused bristles. This is helpful if you’re traveling with a partner, taking an extended trip or simply want to have a backup toothbrush just in case.

Not only is the GUM Travel Toothbrush compact, but the entire set—toothbrush and carrying case—are one in the same. This easy-to-use tri-fold toothbrush opens up to form the handle and then folds back into itself to form a travel-ready case. Great for younger travelers or just an inexpensive travel toothbrush option.

Want to quickly freshen up after your long flight? The Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Travel Toothbrushes are a one-use toothbrush and toothpaste option that lets you brush just about anywhere. The mini toothbrushes come with toothpaste already on them, so you can simply brush your teeth and toss the disposable mini toothbrush in the trash. You don’t even need to rinse.

Already have a toothbrush that you love? You can easily turn it into a travel toothbrush by adding one of these budget-friendly Reach Toothbrush Covers. They fit any sized toothbrush and include anti-microbial components to help keep your brush head cleaner for longer.

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