Aluminum Tools Waterproof Makeup Guitar Hard Luggage Trolley Beauty Flight Case

Aluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseProduct DescriptionBrand NameRapidPlace of OriginWuxi, Jiangsu, ChinaMaterial StandardAluminumSpecification9mm plywoodApplicable to intelligentShockproof system within the caseRed, black, blue, grey are available colorsHardware is chormeplate and zi

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Aluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseAluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight Case
Product Description
Brand NameRapid
Place of OriginWuxi, Jiangsu, China
Material StandardAluminum
Specification9mm plywood
Applicable to intelligent
Shockproof system within the case
Red, black, blue, grey are available colors
Hardware is chormeplate and zincification
3", 4" wheels are optional accessory
Other sizes are available on request

Aluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseAluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseAluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseAluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseAluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseAluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight CaseAluminum Tool Waterproof Cosmetic Guitar Hard Suitcase Trolley Beauty Flight Casesolar panel  solar system  solar power system  building material  ladder  solar energy system  connector  tool set  clamps  high quality acrylic product  mobile tower  caster wheel  pop up  jack  solar home system  formwork  scaffolding  bracket  stainless steel railing  railing  railing  stair handrail  stainless steel handrail  steel tower  case  truck wheel  stair railing  truss  pipe clamp  jewelry 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