Drug Test Equipment/Drug Test Cup

                                      Drug Test Equipment/Drug Test Cup Specifications1.CE&ISO&FDA Approved 2.Any combination as you required. 3.rapid,accurate and easy to read. 4.competitive price for you.&

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                                      Drug Test Equipment/Drug Test Cup


1.CE&ISO&FDA Approved 
2.Any combination as you required. 
3.rapid,accurate and easy to read. 
4.competitive price for you. 

We provide instant drug tests: strips, dipcards (multi-panel, up to 12), cassettes (up to 11), and cups

We are one of the leading manufacture of diagnostic test kits in China.  We can bring you high quality product at very aggressive pricing. We can make strips, dipcards (multi-panel up to 12), cassettes (up to 11), cups, and split cups (up to 10). With or without validity tests. We do specialize in custom manufacturing and private labeling, for small and big runs.

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We have capability of making 16 common drug of abuse analyses, and combine any number of them in a panel or cassette or cup. DOT, none-DOT and other regulatory standard plus many more. Contact us today for a quote and free sample!! 

Product Details

1. Function:This kit is intended for use as an aid in the detection of drug use. 

2. Formats: Cup.

3. Specifications: strip(3.0mm,3.5mm,4mm,5mm), cassette(3.0mm, 4.0mm).

4. Specimens:  Urine

5. Design: DAG or according to the customers' requirements.

6. Accuracy: >99%.

7. Shelf life: 2 years at 2-30°C.

8. The kits can be made according to the customers' artwork or design.

9. Inner packing: one piece of test, one pipette and one desiccant.

Any combination of drug tests is available.

Product name



Rapid Test, Urine only, 1000ng/ml sensitivity.

Cocaine (COC) 

Rapid Test, Urine only,300ng/ml sensitivity.

Methamphetamine (MET) 

Rapid Test, Urine only, 1000ng/ml sensitivity.

Morphine (MOR) 

Rapid Test, Urine only, 300ng/ml sensitivity

Marijuana (THC) 

Rapid Test, Urine only, 50ng/ml sensitivity.


Rapid Test, Urine only, 300ng/ml sensitivity.


Rapid Test, Urine only, 300ng/ml sensitivity


Rapid Test, Urine only, 300ng/ml sensitivity.

Opiate (OPI) 

Rapid Test, Urine only, 300ng/ml sensitivity.

Phencyclidine (PCP)  

Rapid Test, Urine only, 25ng/ml sensitivity.

Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) 

Rapid Test, Urine only, 1000ng/ml sensitivity.


Rapid Test, Urine only, 100ng/ml sensitivity.


Rapid Test, Urine only, 10ng/ml sensitivity.


Rapid Test, Urine only, 300ng/ml sensitivity.

Muti-Drugs Screen Panel

Rapid Test: (Any combination according to your requirements)



1.Remove Cap and retain key.

2.Donor provides specimen, ensure that urine has reached minimum fill level marked on the cup just on the right hand side, just above the temperature strip. Replace and secure lid.

3.Check that the urine temperature is between 32-40oC You should check immediately.If urine temperature does not reach this level then throw urine away and start again as the urine could have be adulterated with water or another substance or another persons urine sample.

4.On a flat surface, insert the key firmly into the hole provided (see cup procedure card) until you hear a slight click. Make sure that the key is pushed in completely until only the cap of the key is visible.(Do not twist or turn the key) This will open up the valves so that the urine can flow through to the test area of the cup and activate the test.

5.Peel off the label to view the results. Remember to wait a full 5 minutes before you read the re-sults.

6.The test can be read without removing the test cassette.

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Drug Test Equipment/Drug Test CupDrug Test Equipment/Drug Test CupDrug Test Equipment/Drug Test Cup
Drug Test Equipment/Drug Test Cup

Drug Test Equipment/Drug Test Cup

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